Unraked Leaves (1995) self published





from the bread truck’s roof

frost swirls




autumn field-

the vitamin slowly dissolves

in my mouth





the jet contrail slowly





going the same way…

exchanging looks with the driver

of the hearse




on the bench

a young couple carries on

as if I’m not there




each time

the door opens

a few more leaves




late night-

the wind rustles

some leaves




as the music goes

into overdrive

I check the speedometer





my pee

for home




behind the Wendy’s sign

an entire mountain

in color




crow lingers-

the roadkill

beyond recognition




my cat comes up close

then shies away

alcohol on my breath




twilight moon

in the still lake a fish

flips itself




praying mantis near death

the little mouth parts

still move




disturbing movie

the eyes of those waiting

to get in




power failure…

moonlit clouds drift

by the window




all around

the little bandstand

unraked leaves




the way

light eases

into dawn




below the window

a sparrow on its side

one feather lifting




he leaves…

his wine glass on the counter

autumn rain




behind me

an acorn drops

on the road




under the manhole

the night gives

a gurgle




he double checks

the coin return-

emptiness lingers




abandoned farmhouse

autumn twilight darkest

in the empty windows




again this year

just her signature below

the holiday message





at the empty crossroads

the signal blinks




all the voices

songs, waiting

in the broken radio




older and older

the strangers saying hello

to me




droning plane fades out…

how little difference it makes

what age I am




the way

the light bulb rests

in the rest of the trash




on the road…

even the daylight comes

and goes




on the trail again…

walking deeper

into myself