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September 30, 2011 § Leave a Comment
After The Pleasant Part
from the soil
in the shovel
a beetle crawls
low cloud cover
early in the morning
her tight dress
in the tall stand
of evergreens
my cookie crumbs
under the bridge
a man fishes
without her friend
on the bus
her face
no one home
on the hard ground
a light snow
carried on
the flooded river
a beach ball
removing the neighbors
from view
while they investigate
the accident outside
I order pizza
wild cherries in blossom
their land rough
with junk
all I know
she has a blue star
on her left breast
gray daybreak
her “to do” list
from yesterday
at 70mph
what I saw
wild turkeys
keeping quiet
last of the day’s light
on new grass
in the fallen scarecrow’s lap
a cat
the War
a woodchuck nibbles
beside the freeway
at the next urinal
he studies a tile
higher up
garden walk
she checks herself
in the pond
the crow
in me
gets a response
dentist chair
the sun comes and goes
from the window
tracks in the snow
lead out to the road
the habit of looking
where it used to be
the mirror
on her cell phone
going into the building
“I love you too”
on time
the daily truck load
of pigs
after the pleasant part
of our walk
we hurry
warm spring day
a bra
in the bushes
the chain link fence
runs into
high water
writing him
the second letter
without complaints
dinner over
he addresses
some crumbs
heavy overcast
between bench slats
a sprout