This is an ever expanding set of haiku that have made a lasting impression on me that I hope others may enjoy… and find their own favorites in turn, here , or elsewhere . 6-04-16
( this version of favorites is an attempt to correct format issues that a previous version contained ) I will group these in sets of 25 or so to make it more accessible then what it had been.



The thief left it behind
the moon
at the window



What is really ours?  In the sense of this  haiku ( my personal favorite) what we “own” or possess may be very little… perhaps our memories of who we once were or what we once had… perhaps some understanding and then…



losing its name
a river
enters the sea

-John Sandbach



children squealing
slowly the oldest gorilla
focuses elsewhere

-Ruth Yarrow



The moon
broken again and again on the sea
so easily mend




of the heart:
handling glassware

-Raymond Roseliep



A firefly flitted by
“Look”!  I almost said
but I was alone




Simply trust:
do not the petals flutter down
just like that




both of us
simply alive




The next morning
rereading the last page
of the happy ending

-Tom Tico



free at last, the fly
flew out the window- and then
right back in again

-James Hackett



monastery bell
the curled cat opens its eyes
closes them again

– Jerry Kilbride



the old cat carries off
a little sunshine
on his back

-Anita Virgil



vacation over-
hearing the sea
in the traffic’s roar

-Pamela Miller Ness



Today it struck me-
the thought of red sun’s setting
after I’m gone

-Gunther Klinge



Everyone is asleep
there is nothing to come between
the moon and me

-Enomoto Siefu-Jo



warm evening
an open door
to someone’s living room

-John Stevenson



This huge ocean
I could stand here forever
it would still come to me

-Proxade Davis



when I have sat long enough
the red dragonfly
comes to the wheatgrass

-Laurie Stoelting



coming home

-Jane Reichhold



fence fallen away
I close the rusted gate
behind me

-Yvonne Hardenbrook



the sagging fence
goes on up the hill

-Foster Jewell



cabin steps
fresh birch seeds
since morning

-Hilary Tann



old passport
the tug
of my father’s smile

-Yu Chang



in the pollen
on my car
her signature

-John Stevenson



amber light
creased in the road map
a place we’ve been

-Peggy Willis Lyles