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dim sum- 2019/1- little poems by tom clausen


a new day
the distance
from last night’s dreams

riding a thermal
over the ferry
a gull


news of his death…
my get-well card
on the way


she puts on
her cowboy hat
to pump gas

Great Plains…
in the distance
a whole train

two chairs
the river flow

our checkered past-
colorful leaves carpet
the rainy path

pickup game
this way and that
sneaker squeaks

forever stuck
in 1958
our encyclopedia

our hearts
for each other
in dispute

moose scat
I bring home
a photo

the trail was there
trail marker

by myself…
working out what
not to say

half moon-
i remember
i forgot

leaves falling…
she carries her little person
in front

climate change-
my wife
turns up the heat

a crop
of political signs
no man’s land

on the dock
the fixed stare
of a fake owl

close to home
I find myself

at my parents’ stone
I whisper
you brought me here

asking what she wants
for dinner